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Medical Assistance

Life-Changing Surgeries

Ray of Hope ensures that children from under-developed countries have access to life-saving or life-changing medical treatment.  We partner with hospitals and health professionals within the USA, and arrange for children to travel to the US for the most advanced healthcare in the world.


Hope for Others

Rakai Hope Centre

Situated on 5 acres in the Rakai District of Southern Uganda, the Hope Centre serves a referral source to our medical assistance program and home to our Birthplace. In addition to the Birthplace, the centre offers growth opportunities to enhance our vision for people to have HOPE through faith in Christ


The Birthplace

Doing What’s Needed

By providing the community with a fully equipped, clean modern birthplace we radically increase the availability of prenatal care. The centre is staffed by highly skilled Ugandan midwives dedicated to sharing Christ's love to all people, regardless of beliefs, while providing maternal health services and education.


Mission Trips

Tackling the Issue

Join us for a mission-driven immersive travel experience. On a Ray of Hope Vision Trip, you’ll learn about the Uganda we’ve come to know over the past 5 years of working inside the country and alongside the community. 

By embarking on an inspiring journey to Uganda, you’ll meet our talented Ugandan staff, participate in and gain authentic knowledge to return home as an advocate for Uganda and its people. 

A Ray of Hope Vision trip is a trip of a lifetime. Our Vision Trips are designed to have an impact, whether you are:

  • an individual or group who wants to learn more about sustainable development in our program areas of Healthcare and Community Education

  • a medical professional with skills to offer

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